Developing Course Curriculum On Environmental Impact Assessment For MBA Program-MHRD, GoI

Mr. Sourabh Manuja , talking about EIA at our State-of-the-Art Studio, FDC Center, Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education MHRD GOI

A task was assigned to develop a course curriculum on environmental impact assessment for MBA program on waste management for Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education MHRD GOI. The curriculum is spread into five blocks and each block further has five units talking about EIA, SEA, EMP, Audits and International Conventions.

Mr Sourabh Manuja has been involved in developing this curriculum along with other members of TERI and has developed and delivered video lectures for students under the course on each of the five blocks. The video recording was held at State-of-the-Art Studio, FDC Center, Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education MHRD GOI, May 11, 2019 at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

TERI conducts first of its kind extensive waste characterization at Bhandwari Landfill-Gurugram

Under the technical guidance from SCS engineers, USA and financial support from Abt Associates USA (under a subcontract from USEPA) along with TERI team, our Sourabh Manuja conducted extensive municipal solid waste characterization at Bhandwari landfill. The study was also in kind supported by Municipal Corporation of Gurugram. Study looked at analyzing the fresh waste coming to site for 30 different categories, also capturing the changes in wastes generated from old and new Gurugram region.

The waste bought from working phase of landfill was analyzed by team on tables and weighed for quantifying the exact percentages. The study continued from 22 April 2019- 26 April 2019  gave opportunities for team members as well as interns (hired for the project) from Aligarh Muslim University, TERI SAS and Gautam Budhha University to practically understand and learn the methodology for waste characterization and enable them to replicate such studies all across various locations.

The outputs of the study will not only help to formulate basis for Municipal Corporation of Gurugram to take important decisions in MSW management but has also explored opportunities for undertaking extensive waste characterization studies in future to explore the change in characteristics of waste due to seasonal and festive events.

waste characterisation by our team

SBM2018 Cluster workshop 2018: Rules and Regulations related to solid waste

Under the third cluster workshop 57 Urban local bodies were trained on the new solid waste management rules, 2016; Plastic waste management rules, 2016; E-Waste Management rules, 2016; Hazardous and other waste (management and transboundary movement) rules, 2016 and biomedical waste management rules, 2016. The project was executed by TERI and Sourabh Manuja was an important part of the study.

To know more on the presentation please download.

Delivering presentation at Natraj Sarovar, Jhansi

Under the SWM City cluster workshop 2018: Introduction and current Scenario of solid waste management in India

Under the workshops conducted in Agra, Uttar Pradesh 62 ULBs were trained on 27 and 28 November 2018. The training covered various aspects of current solid waste management practices and the key issues our country face. To know more about the presentation please refer to the presentation attached herewith. the project was under taken by TERI and our Sourabh Manuja was an important part of executing team.

SWM City Cluster Workshop 2018: Composting Technology

Foley-Extended-PileAbout 57 Urban local bodies were trained at Aligarh under a project executed by The Energy and Resources Institute and National Institute of Urban Affairs and sponsored by  Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. More details of the presentation on Composting Technology can be found here. Sourabh Manuja was an important part of executing team.